Causal Diagram Examples

Late Double, Early Double, Early Triple

4 count16 beats
Juggler a: p3s3s3s3 p4s3s3p4 s2s3p5s2 s2s3s3s3
Juggler b: p3s3s3s3 p3s2s3s3 p3s3s3s3 p3s3s3s3

Three in One Hand

Here, the top juggler starts passing all clubs from the left hand (with the right hand empty!)
2 count12 beats
Juggler a: p3s3 p4p4 p5p6 s0p6 s0p6 s0p6 s0
Juggler b: p3s3 p3s2 p3s3 p3s3 p3s3 p3s3

Eight Clubs

2 count8 beats
Juggler a: p5s3p5s3 p5s3p5s3
Juggler b: p5s3p5s3 p5s3p5s3

Seven Clubs with an Early Triple

2 count10 beats
Juggler b: Rp4s3 p4s3 p4p5 s2s3 p4s3
Juggler b: Ls3p4 s3p4 s3p4 s3p4 s3p4

An Interesting Way of Passing Seven Clubs

3 count12 beats
Juggler b: p3s3s4 p3s3s4 p3s3s4 p3s3s4
Juggler b: s4p4s3 s4p4s3 s4p4s3 s4p4s3

Ten Club Feed

4 count10 beats
Juggler a: Ls3p4s3s3 s3p4s3s3 s3p4s3s3
Juggler b: Ra4s3c4s3 a4s3c4s3 a4s3c4s3
Juggler c: Ls3s3s3b4 s3s3s3p4 s3s3s3p4

Staffan Ulfberg