Check a Siteswap

You can use this form to check if number sequences form valid siteswaps or not. Sequences to be checked may contain throw heights '0' to '9', with no spaces. If the sequece contains any other characters it is considered invalid.

If you want to check just a few sequences, just enter them one by one in the first entry field below to have them checked directly.

If you have many sequences to check, however, there is a more efficient way than submitting all of them one by one: Make a plain text file with all the sequences, separated by whitespace (e.g., put one sequence per line.) Then, upload this file to the server by entering the file name in the second entry field below. All sequences in the file that are valid siteswaps will be returned by the server in sorted order with duplicates removed.

One way to use this is to find all siteswaps mentioned in a large text (since normal words are considered invalid siteswaps they are not printed by the server.) For example, if you submit Allen Knutson's siteswap FAQ (after downloading it to a local file), the server finds that these siteswaps are mentioned in it.

Enter siteswap to check:      

Or, upload a text file containing candidate siteswaps:

Staffan Ulfberg <> (juggling home)