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is a program for generating and viewing juggling patterns that can be described with the siteswap notation. By specifying the number of balls, the maximum height of a throw, and the maximum length of the siteswap number sequence, the program can calculate all matching siteswaps. The generated siteswaps can also be animated.

Only simple siteswaps patterns are calculated, that is, patterns that do not have any repeatable subsequences. For more information about siteswaps in general, please consult the program help file or visit

The program is available for the Pocket PC and Windows CE platforms and as a WAP service.


  • Limit the calculated siteswap sequences by specifying the number of balls, the maximum height of a throw, and the maximum length of the siteswap sequence.
  • Save the generated siteswaps to a file.
  • Sort the generated siteswaps by name or length, in ascending or descending order.
  • Animate any of the generated siteswaps.
    • Change animation speed between normal and half speed.
    • Play a sound when a ball is thrown.
    • Choose the size of the balls.
    • Choose the distance between the hands.
    • Highlight a specific ball, that is, displaying it with a different color.
    • Pause (freeze) the animation at any time.
    • Step one animation frame at a time.
    • Play (restart) a paused animation.

What's New

November 2001
A version for the Pocket PC series is now available. This version (v2.0) includes some new features;

December 1999
A WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) version of is now available. Goto the WAP Service section for more information on how to use the service.

May 1999
A version (v1.1) for the Handheld PC series is now available.

I am also finished with the new release (v1.1) of the PPC version. The PPC and the HPC versions are identical what comes to program features, besides that the HPC software has support for colors.

In the new version, I have implemeted some of the features that previously were listed under Future Development;

The new software for the two platforms have the same version number, and are available for download.

I am sorry to say that I have not implemented the Win95/98/NT version yet, as I intended. For the moment it has low priority. If you are interested in such version, please let me know.


License Agreement

The program is freeware. Please read the License Agreement before downloading the program.



Click on a link in the table below to download a file to your hard disk.

Mobile Device Processor OS Version Version Zip File
Pocket PCMIPSPocket PC
Pocket PCSH3Pocket PC
Pocket PCARMPocket PC
Palm-size PCMIPSWinCE
Palm-size PCSH3WinCE
Handheld PCMIPSWinCE
Handheld PCSH3WinCE
PC WindowsIntelWin NT/98/95N/AN/A


The help file is written in the PegFile format. This format is standard HTML with some special comments added that are used by the Pocket PC/Windows CE help file viewer. The document is designed especially for this viewer, but can be viewed in an ordinary browser, such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer.


Pocket PC

Main Window Animation Window (6752)

Palm-size PC

Main Window Help Window

Animation Window (5) Animation Window (7773)

Handheld PC

Animation Window (744)

Tips and Tricks

Future Development

Future versions of the program may have some of the following features;

If you have any other suggestions of improvement, please let me know.

WAP Service

The lets you generate and validate siteswap patterns from a WAP terminal, ie. a WAP enabled cell phone such as Nokia 7110 or a handheld computer with a WAP browser. For more information about WAP technology, please visit WAP Forum.

The WAP service functionality is of course limited to siteswap generation since there is no support for animation. Due to memory limitations only a subset of the resultset will be displayed when generating large resultsets.

The URL for the WAP service is

About the Author

My name is Magnus Hansson and I live in the city of Stockholm, Sweden. I started to juggle in December 1997. In the beginning I wanted to learn the three ball cascade. After a month I went up to four balls, and after another month I started to struggle with five. By that time I could not imagine that juggling would become one of my biggest interests, spending several hours a week on it.

Today, what comes to numbers juggling, I have a rather solid five ball cascade and a few pretty steady four club patterns. I have now decided to dedicate the rest of my life to learn the five club cascade. :)

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