MAME for Symbian Mobile Phones

MAME (the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) is an arcade game emulator for PCs that has been ported to many platforms. E2MAME is a port of MAME for mobile phones running the Symbian operating system. E2MAME is free software and currently runs on:

The phones I have access to are the Nokia N-Gage, the Nokia 6680, the Motorola A925, and the Nokia E61. They are what I use for testing, and I have very limited possibilities to fix bugs that only occur on specific hardware that I do not possess.

E2MAME is based on EMame, a Symbian port of MAME for Psion and SonyEricsson devices by Peter van Sebille. See Peter's Place for more information about MAME on these devices and Peter's other Symbian projects. Peter van Sebille also wrote "ECompXL," a utility that creates self-extracting executables on the Symbian platform. ECompXL is essential for building E2MAME (and EMame). Thanks Peter for the great work with both EMame and ECompXL!