Download EEMAME

The latest version of EEMAME is 1.1 and was built 2004-11-11.

Installable SIS file for Series 60 (Nokia N-Gage, Nokia 6600, Siemens SX-1, etc) eemame-series60-1.1.SIS
Installable SIS file for Series 60 FP2 (Nokia 6630, Nokia 6680) mini-eemame-series60_2-1.11.SIS
Installable SIS file for older Series 60 phones (Nokia 7650 and Nokia 3650) micro-eemame-series60-1.1.SIS
Installable SIS file for Motorola UIQ phones (A925/A1000) eemame-motorola-1.11.SIS
Installable SIS file for Series 80 phones (Nokia 9500/9300) eemame-series80-1.1.SIS
Installable SIS file for Nokia 7710 mini-eemame-nokia7710-1.11.SIS
Xmame distribution on which this port is based xmame-0.37b7.1.tgz
Changes to xmame 0.37b7.1 eemame-src-1.1.diff.gz
Changes to xmame 0.37b7.1 (including Motorola and Nokia 7710 changes) eemame-src-1.11.diff.gz

Older releases are also available.

The changes to MAME that make up EEMame are released under the Gnu General Public License (GPL). MAME itself (and thus also the binaries and xmame source code available from this site) is available under the license provided for MAME.