Compiling EEMame from Source

The following are instructions for compiling EEMame from source code. Please notice, that the only reason for doing so is if you're a developer that wants to help making EEMame better, or if you're curious about the way EEMame works. If you just want to play games with EEMame, download one of the pre-compiled versions.

If you do make improvements that you want to share with others, please send me an e-mail and I'll consider them for the next version! I will of course find a place on this web site for appropriate acknowledgments.

Now for the technical stuff. I use Cygwin on my development machine, and a script or two that are used for building EEMame use a few cygwin commands. Either start by installing Cygwin (since you're a developer I'd be surprised if you haven't already), or modify the few scripts to run without Cygwin. I really tried making the scripts use only DOS commands, but failed since I'm very poor at DOS. If you make DOS compatible replacement scripts, I'd be happy to get a copy.

Some additional compiling hints: