MAME was written for PCs with lots of keys. EEMAME has a default key mapping, which is an attempt at mapping most used game keys to sensible locations on the phone. Notice that all of the keys are configurable within EEMAME, by accessing the in-game configuration menu. Just as in the PC version of MAME, you can make changes that apply to all games, or for only a specific game.

When you run a game for the first time, EEMAME asks you to type "OK" to acknowledge that you are allowed to run an emulation of the game. You can press LEFT follwed by RIGHT instead of "OK" to accept. (This works on most versions of MAME, including the original Windows version.)

Default keys

FunctionSeries 60MotorolaSeries 80Nokia 7710
UI SelectDPAD press or 5Joystick pressedEnter or Joy pressDPAD press
ConfigureLeft soft buttonShortcutTAB
Cancel/ExitRight soft buttonSpeakerESCCancel
UpDPAD upJoy upJoy up or Arrow upDPAD up
DownDPAD downJoy downJoy down or Arrow downDPAD right
LeftDPAD leftJoy leftJoy left or Arrow LeftDPAD right
RightDPAD rightJoy rightJoy right or Arrow RightDPAD right
Button 15Game ACtrlGame A
Button 27Game BChrGame B
Button 3Space
Button 4Left shift
P2 UpR
P2 DownF
P2 LeftD
P2 RightG
P2 Button 1A
P2 Button 2S
P2 Button 3Q
P2 Button 4W
Coin 12Browse5
Coin 26
Coin 37
Coin 48
Start 11Yes/Answer1
Start 22
Start 33
Start 44
Toggle show fps#Volume+'
On screen display*Volume-~
Scroll upDPAD up and 5Joy up and Game AUp arrow
Scroll downDPAD down and 5Joy down and Game ADown arrow
Scroll leftDPAD left and 5Joy left and Game ALeft arrow
Scroll rightDPAD right and 5Joy right and Game ARight arrow
Service coin 19
Service coin 20
Service coin 3=
Service coin 4Backspace
Increase frame skipI
Decrease frame skipO
Toggle throttleL

The Motorola and Nokia 7710 ports also have an on-screen virtual keyboard that can be used for inserting coins, starting games, etc. On these phones, the pen can, additionally, be used as an analog joystick.


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Notice that the keys on the virtual keyboard (only Motorola and Nokia 7710) can be reconfigured like any other key.