Download the version of EEMame that was compiled for your device, and install it the same way you would any other Symbian application.

Game roms

To play games with Mame, you need roms for the games you want to play. There are no roms supplied with EEMame, so you have to obtain them elsewhere. The actual directory where you should put your rom zip files depends on what device you have as follows:
Device Internal memory MMC
Series 60 C:\Mame\Roms E:\Mame\Roms
Motorola A925 C:\documents\Media Files\Mame\Roms D:\Mame\Roms
Series 80 C:\My Files\Mame\Roms D:\Mame\Roms
Nokia 7710 C:\MyDocs\Mame\Roms D:\Mame\Roms

These directories are created when EEMame is first started, so to ensure you put your roms in the correct place, start EEMame first, and then put the rom zip files on the device.

Keep in mind that EEMame is based on Mame 0.37b7, so in order to work, your rom files need to be compatible with that version of Mame. See the Roms section for more information.

In order for the games to show up in EEMame, you have to select to "Scan for games" from the main menu. If you have lots of roms this may take a while.


Some games, like Space Invaders, have analog sound chips that are not emulated by MAME. These games require a set of samples if you want working sound. Samples are available from the main MAME site.

Put your sample sets here:
Device Internal memory MMC
Series 60 C:\Mame\Samples E:\Mame\Samples
Motorola A925 C:\documents\Media Files\Mame\Samples D:\Mame\Samples
Series 80 C:\My Files\Mame\Samples D:\Mame\Samples
Nokia 7710 C:\MyDocs\Mame\Samples D:\Mame\Samples

Like roms, sample sets also need to be compatible with Mame 0.37b7 to work.


Upgrading from pre-1.0 versions

Notice that the directories for rom files have changed since the EMame 0.9x versions. This was done as a directory for samples was added. Thus, if upgrading, you need to move your rom files.

Upgrading from EMame 1.0

Since the name of the application has changed to EEMame, it is probably a good idea to make sure that the "C:\System\Apps\EMame" folder is deleted.

Saved game settings

Configuration changes you make in the in-game configuration menu are saved to a file in c:\system\apps\eemame\data. There is one configuration file per game called the game name with a ".cfg" extension, and one for the general options, called "default.cfg".

Games that have non-volatile ram, save this to the same directory, using a ".nv" extension.

Remove the corresponding file if you want to restore the default settings for a game.

Saved hiscores

Some games save hiscores in their non-volatile ram. When you exit such a same and restart it, the high score information is restored from the non-volatile ram file.

MAME, however, supports saving hiscores also in games that did not originally save highscore data at all. To enable this, you can put a hiscore.dat file in c:\system\apps\eemame\hi. Games that are listed in the hiscore.dat file will then save hiscore data in this directory.

You can download one hiscore.dat file from here.