Changelog for EEMame.

1.11 (16 april 2005)
	* EEMame now runs on Series 60 Feature Pack 2 models, including
	the Nokia 6630 and Nokia 6680.  The full version does not work on
	these models due to memory limitations.
1.11 (26 March 2005)

	* EEMame was ported to the Nokia 7710 (unstable, but works).
	Vector games do not work at all.
1.11 (8 December 2004)

	* The Motorola version of EEMAME now has a virtual keyboard.
1.1 (18 November 2004)

	* The name was changed from "EMame" to "EEMame", to avoid mixups
	with other versions of EMame (Peter van Sebille's original port for
	UIQ, Hannu Viitala's port for the Nokia 9210, and Steve's port for
	the Motorola A920).

	* EEMame was ported to the Nokia 9500.
	* A new option was added to stretch the display to fit the screen
	exactly (that is, the original aspect ratio is changed).

	* Options can be set on a per-game basis.

	* The driver list was updated to include around 25 new games.

	* Micro-EEMame (for Series 60 devices with limited memory) has a
	completely revised driver list.
1.0 (31 October 2004)

	* EMame for Series 60 was ported to the Motorola A925.

	* The user interface was changed, so that the list of installed
	games is now the main view.

	* Screen rotation added (very useful on the Motorola).

	* Enabled samples.

	* Rom file directories were changed.
	* Vector games are always run in "Normal size" mode, since the
	vector display is scaled to the screen size anyway, and running
	the scaling algorithm only slows things down.

	* A significant speed-up of the scaling algorithm (used pacman
	with no frameskip and audio on as benchmark; was 27, now 31.5

	* New scaling algorithm that makes a nicer scaling.  Speed of this
	algorithm is the same as the old one had in 0.98.  There is now an
	option to select between the two algorithms.

	* Made all the input settings available, so that games that use,
	for example, analog joysticks run.

	* Made the scroll key in non-scaled mode configurable (through the
	in-game menu).  Also, frame skipping and speed throttling can now
	be configured from within the game.

	* Auto frame skipping is now enabled by default, with a maximum
	frame skip of 9.

0.98 (31 March 2004)

	* Fixed lots of games that used to crash because of unsupported
	audio. Most of these now have working sound, and the rest run
	without sound.

	* Fixed crash bug when pressing "select" in the games list (bug
	introduced in 0.97).

	* After a game crashes, it is now possible to start a new game
	without exiting EMame. Sometimes, however, this still leads to a
	new crash.

0.97 (30 March 2004)

	* There's a find box in the list of games for faster access to

0.96 (28 March 2004)
	* Resuming a running game works after pausing it by pressing the
	menu button or answering a phone call.

	* Sound works on the Nokia 6600 (with some quirks).

0.95 (28 December 2003)
	* Frame skipping is implemented.

	* Again, a tiny speed-up.

	* Some new supported games.

	* First release of micro-Emame60.

0.94 (8 December 2003)
	* Image scaling slightly improved.

	* Scrolling the screen in "Normal" mode now uses the exact screen
	area used by the game.

0.93 (5 December 2003):
	* Configuring keys in a game works.

	* Support for non-volatile ram. 

	* Support for saving hiscores using hiscore.dat. Update (7 dec):
	Make sure you have a compatible hiscore.dat file! 
	* Some new game drivers that use the M6809 processor were
	added. (The williams.c driver file -- defender, for example.)

0.92 (4 December 2003):
	* The "Fit Screen" game mode has been improved. The games fill up
	the entire screen (in one dimension), and the scaled game screen
	looks better. Also, scaling is a little bit faster.
	* Sound works in some more games. (This makes these games slower;
	disable sound if this is a problem.)

	* Pressing the menu button pauses the running game. (But resuming
	still does not work.)

0.91 (28 November 2003):
	* Games that use a modifyable palette work (they displayed a black
	screen before).

	* A memory bug was fixed that caused some games to crash. 

0.90 (26 November 2003):
	* First release of EMame for Series 60.