Supported games

E2MAME comes in three different sizes, that require different amounts of memory.

The following table summarizes the differences, and contains "datfiles" from the different versions. See the next section for details on how to use these files.
VersionPhone modelsSupported games
Micro-E2MAME Nokia 3650, 7650 82 games: readable list or dat-file.
Mini-E2MAME Series 60 FP2 phones (Nokia 6630, 6680)
Nokia 7710.
677 games: readable list or dat-file.
E2MAME Other Series 60 phones (Nokia N-Gage, 6600, 6620, Siemens SX-1, Sendo X, etc).
Series 80 (Nokia 9500, 9300 Communicator) phones.
1321 games: readable list or dat-file.

Troubleshooting roms

Some people report problems getting their MAME roms to work with EEMAME. A common cause for this is that different MAME versions require slightly different roms. Since EEMAME is based on a quite old MAME version, MAME 0.37b7, its rom files are often incompatible with rom files from the current MAME version. Read on to find out how to create roms files that are compatible with EEMAME from your current rom file collection!

The rom files that are installed in MAME (and EEMAME) are zip files, that in turn, contain memory images of the chips in the emulated machines. If you open up a rom zip file with some unzip utility, you can see the actual names and sizes of the different files within the zips. Notice that rom files should stay in zipped format to be used with EEMAME (that is, never copy an unzipped rom file to your phone!)

The standard (Windows) version of MAME can generate a "DatFile" when it is started from the command line (type "mame.exe -listinfo" when starting mame to see what a datfile looks like). A DatFile for MAME contains information about all game drivers that a particular version of MAME contains. Part of that information is what roms the driver needs. A section of a DatFile that describes a driver looks like this:

game (
	name galaxian
	description "Galaxian (Namco)"
	year 1979
	manufacturer "Namco"
	rom ( name galmidw.u size 2048 crc 745e2d61 region cpu1 offs 0 )
	rom ( name galmidw.v size 2048 crc 9c999a40 region cpu1 offs 800 )
	rom ( name galmidw.w size 2048 crc b5894925 region cpu1 offs 1000 )
	rom ( name galmidw.y size 2048 crc 6b3ca10b region cpu1 offs 1800 )
	rom ( name 7l size 2048 crc 1b933207 region cpu1 offs 2000 )
	rom ( name 1h size 2048 crc 39fb43a4 region gfx1 flags dispose offs 0 )
	rom ( name 1k size 2048 crc 7e3f56a2 region gfx1 flags dispose offs 800 )
	rom ( name galaxian.clr size 32 crc c3ac9467 region proms offs 0 )
	chip ( type cpu name Z80 clock 3072000 )
	chip ( type audio name Custom )
	video ( screen raster orientation vertical x 224 y 256 colors 97 freq 60.606060 )

In the example above, the "galaxian" driver needs seven roms: "galmidw.u", "galmidw.v", "galmidw.w", "galmidw.y", "7l", "1h", and "1k". These should all be in a zip file called "" (the name of the driver, with a ".zip" extension).

For some drivers, there's a line saying "cloneof", which indicates that the driver emulates a game that is very similar to some other game:

game (
	name piranha
	description "Piranha"
	year 1981
	manufacturer "hack"
	cloneof pacman

Since "clones" often share a few roms with their "parent" game, their rom files may reside in a zip filed named after their parent. So in the example above, MAME looks for roms for Piranha in both "" and "". If you have one large zip file containing all the roms, and call it "", or if you have two rom files, with all roms that are specific to Piranha in "", is a matter of personal preference. I prefer to have "merged" roms on my N-Gage, since it keeps the number of files down.

Since there's no easy way to tell EEMAME to generate a DatFile on a mobile phone, you can download the DatFile (or "listinfo output") for you EEMAME version from the table at the top of this page.

If you put a rom zip file on your mobile phone, and EEMAME does not recognize it, one way of checking if it is compatible is to look up the game in the DatFile, and compare the list of needed roms with the contents of the zip file.

If you have a lot of roms, this is tedious work. Fortunately, there is an excellent freeware utility, ClrMamePro, that does just that. ClrMamePro reads a DatFile, and can read rom files from one directory and contruct new ones in another directory that are compatible with the DatFile.

Refer to the ClrMamePro documentation for detailed information about how to use ClrMamePro to organize your rom files. However, if you have a bunch of rom files that you want to convert to EEMAME, this is a short guide of necessary steps: